Offensive Line Specific Training

Offensive Line Specific Training

Formerly of the NFL, during my 6 years I was fortunate to have played under the direction and guidance of a few of the best Offensive Line Coaches in the world. One thing I've learned over the years is that the Great Technique is teachable. The MACTRAIN program breaks down the OL position to its most common factors prepping players to train and play at the most elite levels. All I ask from my players is to T. T. T (Trust The Technique!)

A one-hour high intensity training session geared towards but not limited to:

- NFL Offensive Lineman
- AFL Offensive Lineman
- College Offensive Lineman
- Pee-Wee – High School Offensive Lineman
- Players Transitioning to Offensive Lineman From Any Other Position
- Beginner Players
During the one-hour session we will cover:
- Blocking Concepts Broken Down to its Simplest Form
- Lineman Specific Skills
- Base
- Stance
- Leverage
- Steps
- Head & Head Placement
- Angles
- Offensive Line Terminology
- Techniques & Fundamentals Applicable to Any Offensive Playbook
- Situational Drills & Workouts Tailored to Your Strengths & Weaknesses
- Meticulous Critiques
-Effectiveness, Efficiency & Consistency of the Position

*All techniques covered will translate to the field.


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